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Various Techniques


When considering tattoo removal, various techniques exist:


- excision

- laser

- over tattoo

- chemical extraction


At Skin Solutions, chemical extraction is used using two different solutions:


- Rejuvi Tattoo Removal solution

- Tattoo Vanish Natural Solution


It causes minimum pain during the extraction process and the risk of scarring is minimised.


Chemical extraction

WIth Chemical Extraction, the skin is treated with a compound that extracts the ink and pulls it to the surface in the form of a scab.


It uses a similar technique to remove the tattoo as was used to put the tattoo on, in the first place. 


With Rejuvi  the inorganic metal oxide from Rejuvi is placed in the skin to make contact with the original pigment ink.  The two compounds attract each other and merge into the Rejuvi suspension. 

With Tattoo Vanish, a natural solution containing salt water together with calming iactives such as chamomile, comfrey and Aloe Barbadensis, a crust will also form post treatment to push the ink out.


Make an informed decision


There is no quick fix to remove a tattoo.  Whether you decide on excision, laser or chemical extraction they will all require time to heal.   Therefore don't rush your decision.


Look at the size of the tattoo, the location on your body and decide which method is best.


Smaller tattoo's can be excised by a plastic surgeon.  Tattoo's on bony parts of the body are more at risk for forming keloid scars.


If you have a darker skin your risk of Post inflammatory pigmentation is larger.  The heat from laser may be more risky for you.

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