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Cost per Session

The cost per extraction session depends on the amount of ink to be removed and the size of the tattoo.  A solid tattoo of 5 cm length will be more expensive than just removing the outline on a 5 cm length tattoo.


The number of extraction sessions can not be predicted beforehand and will depend on the depth of the ink.  The tattoo should start fading from the first treatment.


A fresh tattoo that was done a couple of months ago will extract better than an older tattoo where the ink has been imbedded in the skin cells.   A tattoo that is quite old and starting to fade may also extract well since the ink is coming to the surface already due to the natural exfoliation cycle of skin cells.  Home made tattoo's may extract well since the ink is not very deep.  Shoe polish and tyre ash may be a problem to extract.


In general you may require about 4 sessions to extract a dark tattoo.  Home made tattoo's may be removed in less.

To determine the cost of removal of your tattoo, please send a picture to or whatsapp to 082 771 8660.



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